So, after my exams I’m going to go back to this blog. But first I’m gonna tag all my old posts as ‘old’ and sort of restart the blog… I don’t know if anyone cares, lol. Just letting you know.

I need some advice

I left this blog in September to make a new one (which ended up as multiple new blogs) and it hasn’t really worked out. I have many followers on this blog and… I miss it. Since September, however, my blogging style has changed considerably and I have to, as a person. If I am to come to this blog, I will have to delete all of my old posts. (Which would take some time, as there is 15,000+.)

What do you advice I do?

Hi, everyone! You may (or may not) have realised that I haven’t been on here in the past month or so. This is because I have moved blogs. You can now find me HERE. I have been posting updates of that on here, but I still keep getting followers on this blog. It touches me that people still want to follow me – but there really is no point! This will be my last post on this blog and I’m feeling kind of emotional about it. But whatever.

Bye, guys!